Friday, August 5, 2016

Catching up

We've continued to work on the Paia property over the last four Summers and there have been some major changes:

1) Built a path/boardwalk between the houses - 2012
2) Levelled the former nasty garden - 2012
3) Furnished and finished up work in the Ojakalda house - 2012/2013
4) Rebuilt the chimneys and stoves in the main house 2013 - 2014
5) Replaced the roof, attic floor and ceilings on the main house - 2014
6) Installed a 4G wiress connection and shared network between the houses - 2014/2015
7) Got a new highway bridge - 2015

We've also continued to plant and manage the meadow.  All of these projects could use a post, which I'll try to do as I have time.  We're here now refinishing the wood stove in the Paia house, which I'm writing up separately.

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