Sunday, August 19, 2012


Our storks have left us for the year, but we have bees again this year and they're still at work.  I'm not sure when they appeared, but it was sometime after I left in late June.  Jüri thinks they're a late season swarm.  They were very interested in the thistles over by the Ojakalda gate.  I'm wondering if the reason we had no bees last year is because we wiped out the thistles on the Paia side of the property.

In any case they're interesting to watch.  There have been bees in this ash tree behind the sauna four out of the last five years.
When the house was being renovated, the crew told me that these were Estonian bees, as opposed to Italian honey bees, which are supposedly more yellow.  Jüri says they look just like the bees in Sweden.

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