Friday, April 20, 2012

Pruning and Clean Up

The apple tree and berry bush pruning is done for the year.  The old tree with the broken branch had a rotten top as well and need to be pruned back quite a bit.  We'll see how it does over the next couple of years.
The other Paia trees were in better shape and should be fine.  There are also a lot of berry bushes in this area that Jüri was able to prune back into something more bush-shaped.

The Ojakalda trees were in the best condition, having been taken care of most recently.
 And of course there's a nice pile of brush to burn when I get up there next week.
What we won't have is quite so much old garbage underfoot to trip over and snag string trimmers.  We've been picking up the place for all the time we've been there, but this is the first time we were able to have someone go over the grounds before the grass and other plants grew up around it.  It took Jüri and his friend Teet a couple days to go over all the ground, starting at Ojakalda and working their way over to Paia.
They bagged an impressive amount of just ordinary garbage, like the plastic from old greenhouses,  inappropriately disposed of food containers, and all the stuff people seem to have to drop when walking across a semi-abandoned farm yard.
They also accumulated a large pile of old metal for the scrap dealers, and yet more asbestos shingle from Soviet roofs for disposal at the landfill.
And of course those staples of the Estonian countryside, old glass bottles and broken windows.
But probably the biggest achievement was cutting the last piece of metal fencing out of the rose bushes in the Paia garden.  Old metal fencing is the mortal enemy of string trimmers.  Andrew and I have been fighting with this particular fence for three or four years, so it's good to see the last of it go.
Aside from making the place look better, getting all the surface garbage really well cleaned up will make the the grass easier and safer to mow.  All in all a good week of work at Paia, with much progress toward putting the land back in order.

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