Sunday, April 29, 2012


This greenhouse has stood in the corner of the old Paia garden since sometime in the Soviet era. It was built and repaired over the years with an ingenious mixture of scrap lumber and tree branches. You can see small greenhouses a lot like this all over the country side, though increasingly they're built of more regular and modern materials. They're a necessity for a nation of gardeners living this close to the Arctic circle.

We've torn down and burned dozens of similar constructions over the years - rabbit hutches, garden beds, berry bush supports - but kept this one around because we liked the look of it.

But it was also difficult to cut around and inside it, and in the last year or two it was really beginning to lean forward as the wood in the lower part began to completely rot out. Yesterday it was time to go.

It only took an hour to take apart and haul away.

I spent the rest of the day hauling dirt and rock for a project Jüri refers to as "the Levelling". This involves moving large piles of sand, stone and soil left over from installing the Ojakalda septic tank to somewhere more useful.

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Location:Taadikvere küla, Estonia

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