Friday, March 30, 2012

Winter Casualties, Spring Floods

While we've been working here in Sharjah, work has continued at Paia.  Jüri came in February to cut the dead spruces and found one of the ancient willows had collapsed.  We've tried to be polite and leave most of trees to live out their days, and so far they've returned the courtesy by not falling on anything important like the sauna or the boardwalk.  This willow was no exception, choosing the best possible place to come down.
Jüri cut it up, but most of the trunk was too rotten or too hard to split for firewood, so we'll probably just have a very nice bonfire for Jaanipäev.
The dead spruce are also gone.  One of the neighbors came to help Jüri transport the logs.

 The logs from the spruce made some very nice benches to replace the ones we lost during the renovation work at Paia.
The Navesti is a real river at the moment.  I've seen photos from past Springs, but it's not been this high before.  Usually in the Summer we sit on this bench and the water is a meter or two away.

The old river bed almost has a river again.
The Ojakalda house is still well above the flood.  Work on this was finished back in December.  I need to post the photos of the finished work.  It turned out very well.  The grass we planted on the bank is coming in very nicely, and the first Spring flowers are just coming up.
 I'm not really sure what these are.
 Jüri started pruning the apple trees in the old orchards this week.  They've been neglected for many years.  This one had a broken branch that someone had built a support for, but this had rotted out and collapsed before we cleared the brush around it.  The branch was still bearing apples last year, but it probably can't be saved.
 The other trees are in better shape.
This old ash stub in the meadow was also kind enough to miss the nearby power line when it fell, sometime in the last few weeks.

I'm going to go up at the end of April to talk to Jüri about tree planting and maybe do some more cleanup in the Ojakalda garden.  Di has this Summer off and is planning to stay at Paia from early June until September.

Location:University City Rd,Sharjah,United Arab Emirates

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