Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ojakalda/Kõre Progress

Work on the house at Ojakalda has continued over the last month, though it's actually not at Ojakalda any more. We did the paperwork to consolidate the property into Paia last week, so now there are two houses at Paia. We may just keep calling the house Ojakalda, since that's the name on the electrical contract, or maybe we'll revert to the old name of Kõre, which was what the place was formerly called.

Whatever its name is, the old roof came off in mid July.
The new chimney started about the same time and rose steadily toward the future roof.

As soon as the new driveway had its first layer of gravel, the manufacturer delivered the new roofing.
The excavators moved on to putting in the water line to the village well as soon as they were done with the drive.

And large trucks kept delivering more gravel until the new way finished.
By early August the roof was ready to be covered.
I quite like the grey metallic roofing with a yellow trim. The siding will be Swedish red.
With most of the roof covered, the crew started work on the outside walls in mid-August.
They started to put on the insulation at the end of last week. It's hard to show, but they came up with a rather ingenious system to allow the insulation some air circulation, while at the same time mouse-proofing the installation. The local field mice are very fond of insulating materials to line their nests.
Finally Eesti Energia came yesterday to move the main from the roof mast to an underground conduit. More guys in another big truck to watch do interesting things.
The new main won't have the charm of the old glass insulators and the pickle-jar cover on the connections, but I suspect it will be less likely to burn the house down.
With the mast out of the way, the boys can finish the roof and the insulation. They're very motivated to get the house enclosed before it gets too cold.

Location:Taadikvere küla, Estonia

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