Saturday, August 27, 2011


It starts to get cooler here starting in mid-August, and saner creatures start thinking of more southerly places to spend the Winter. Di took Andrew to Tallinn the night before his flight to Minneapolis on August 15th. He seemed happy to head back to civilization.
After successfully starving their children into flying, the storks hung around for a few days, eating up the last of the slower frogs and mice. They were still here early on the very foggy morning of August 23rd.

They seem to have left sometime that day, proving my niece wrong about who would leave first.
We drove up to Paide yesterday and I only saw one or two storks on the way. Estonia is the furthest north that this species nests, so I suspect they leave here earlier than in other parts of Europe. They mostly winter in Africa, but some go to the UAE and Oman, which is where we are heading at the end of next week.

Location:Taadikvere küla, Estonia

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