Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Last Day of Summer

It turned out that yesterday was the last real day of Summer, though it hung around through this morning before abruptly departing shortly after noon. This morning was still sunny and warm, though the air had a kind of half-lit quality that's hard to photograph, but makes things you read in old fairy tales easier to understand.
Then the wind came up, the temperature dropped 5 or 6 degrees C, and now we're waiting for the rain. We could use the rain. We've been planting grass on the river bank behind the Ojakalda house, and while the first stuff we planted is doing well,
the more recently planted areas are too dry to germinate. These are the areas where the excavators put in the water line and spread the soil excavated from the driveway.
We got a lot done while the good weather lasted. Jüri was here August 18-20th and on the 22nd. We attacked the overgrown line of trees along the river bank in front of the Paia house.
We ended up with a much better view across the fields, and a lot more light in the front yard.
This corner with the large silver willows is much better. We cleared out a lot of grey alder, whose evil nature I'm sure I've commented on before. Not only does it turn the river water brown, but it also makes impenetrable thickets as it spreads.
But first there was a lot of cleanup, hauling brush and firewood out of the old river bed,
then splitting the wood, or at least Jüri splitting the wood, and finally
stacking the wood to dry for next year. You can see the improvement in the quality of our firewood from last year to this. The stuff we cut last year is on the right.
Yesterday we got all the brush burned in what I'm sure our neighbors are relieved will be the last big fire of the year.
So now everything is tidied up again just as we get ready to leave.
We've also been cleaning up a lot of small messes. I hauled out some more debris from the old robber's sheds, including a couple boxes of asbestos shingle to take to the landfill and a lot of hay and rotten wood to burn. The area is starting to look more meadow-like.
There are a few little jobs to take care of, but we got a lot more done outside this year than I thought we would.

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