Sunday, July 24, 2011

Open Air Museum

Andrew and I got tired of firewood and took a day off on Saturday to go the the Estonian Open Air Museum in Tallinn. The museum is located in park northwest of Old Town. There are twelve old farms collected from around the country and a number of other structures. If you don't have the time to drive around the rest of Estonia looking at old architecture, it really does give a good sense of how Estonians lived during the 18th to early 20th centuries.

The museum is on a peninsula with good views of the Old Town nicely contrasting with some Soviet apartment blocks.
There was folk dancing in progress when we visited. Some of the spectators joined in, Andy did not.

The non-wild livestock were more to his taste :
Not to mention all the folk architecture. I liked this house. This would have been occupied by a landless family in exchange for work on the manor farms and other duties.
There was even a sauna.
This is a prosperous 1920's farm house from Harjumaa county. I think the farmer who renovated our house at about the same time had something like this in mind, though not the resources to make something quite this fancy.
I think this hay barn is a little like the original structure that was used to make the Ojakalda house :

I was also interested to look at a number of styles of fencing. Ülle, the consulting forester, suggested something similar to this to put along the road to protect the new hedges :
If we had more stone available, I'd think about something like this style from the islands :
There were also good ideas for how a little wetland in the front yard should look. Sadly, I don't have any windmills in the background.

Location:Taadikvere Küla, Estonia

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