Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ojakalda House Progress

Work on the Ojakalda house has continued over the last month. The old addition and its foundation were demolished in late June and a new foundation built from field stones and brick to match the older work.
Then new walls were framed. We're building the addition out of conventional materials rather than logs. The former addition, which we think was added in the 50's was similarly constructed.
The front porch was dismantled and the windows taken to Paide for renovation. These windows were in pretty good shape, and since we only intend to use the porch for Spring-Summer-Fall, we don't feel we need to replace them for the added insulation. We're also having an old door refurbished for the outside porch entrance.
During the last two weeks the crew has been prepping the floors for the concrete we're pouring to make the house reasonably rodent-proof. They also installed in-floor heating for the addition, which will contain the bathroom.
The concrete arrived on Thursday in a big blue truck, on what was fortunately a dry day, since the driveway isn't installed yet.
Even in rural Estonian, concrete now comes in a hose at the end of a long boom.
Which the crew uses to spray the concrete around the room to the required depth.
Smooshing it into the corners with shovels and boots before they smooth and level it.
The same afternoon they also closed in the addition. It's starting to look more like a house again while we wait for the concrete to cure.
Andrew noticed one detail that Feliks and I hadn't, which was the year in which we think the original log structure was built.

Location:Taadikvere Küla, Imavere Vald, Estonia

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