Monday, July 11, 2011


Even more satisfying than cleaning up decades worth of stuff is watching it burn. Both Andy and I enjoyed our Sunday afternoon fire. We had a bunch of brush from the deadfalls and the wood from various structures at Ojakalda. There were several of these A-frame type things that seem to be used for cutting up firewood.
But the thing I most enjoyed burning was the old dog house. From its location I assume this went with the Robber's sheds that we tore down this Spring. The former owner got the police after the Robber and his mother a few years ago, and I would guess about then they moved the dog that guarded them elsewhere. The doghouse ended up on our side of the trees between the properties, so we had to look at it the last few years without really being able to do anything about it.
We've burned dozens of small structures and large pieces of others at this same location. I don't even like to think about how many pounds of old nails are inside the pile. When the last of the demolition winds down this year I'll have to start looking for someone willing to excavate the site and haul off the compacted ash.

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