Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back at Paia

Andrew and I made it to Paia on Thursday afternoon with no real problems along the way.  We spent most of Thursday and Friday cleaning and moving into the house.  After Sharjah, Paia is very peaceful.  The storks are out hunting for critters and sticks,
having two demanding mouths to feed.

And there are dozens of different kinds of flowers blooming, virtually none of which I know the names of.  I think that these yellow ones are Marsh Marigolds.
But other yellow ones are just yellow ones.

 A variety of things that register as "daisies", but probably aren't.

And lots of purple things.
 I'm sure a good portion of these are wildflowers, but there are also a lot of old garden perennials from both houses.  These are in the old Ojakalda garden and seem to be spreading.
 These are found all over.  Bluebells ?  Some kind of orchid ?
 A nice variety of purple-pointy ones.

 Some small things that I also assume are wildflowers.

 Some kind of lily in the old Paia garden.
 Little purple/blue ones that like the wet former river bed.
And some little red ones in the garden at Ojakalda.
And many more, but I will hold off on more nature photography for the moment, having read about its dangers.

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