Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Way

One of the biggest nuisances of having a house by a river on the other side of the meadow from the road is that you need a way, which is how many people translate the Estonian word tee, a road or way. A way to deliver roofing and bricks and other heavy stuff, and sometime later to pump out septic tanks and let the snow plow open up a path to the house. So Feliks found another contractor named Ants, and a few days ago a large excavator showed up to start the way, which is going to follow the path of the old driveway.
Contrary to appearances, the storks are not protesting the damage to the environment, but rather seizing the opportunity to hunt for anything tasty that the excavator digs up. Storks, like rats, coyotes, foxes and cockroaches are ultimately environmental traitors. They happily collaborate with development and have no apparent fear of large equipment.
I'm actually pretty happy with the amount of development this time. Ants has quite professional operators, who don't dig up any more than we've agreed to and dump the remains where we specify. When we've had problems it's been when someone is driving an excavator who doesn't get to do it every day, and wants to hone his skills, even if it's on parts of my property that I don't want excavated.

But this time everything has been good. After a couple evenings of excavating, we were left with a great big pile of black dirt between the house and the river, which will be distributed later,
and a long trench which trucks continue to show up and dump bedding material into. The bedding material appears to be the remains of a roadbed from somewhere else.
A day or so later this truck brought a smaller excavator, a compactor and a little gravel.
The smaller excavator distributed the bedding, packed it down and spread the gravel at the entrance.
And then we had a trench with a harder bottom that's easier to drive into. I assume so the dump trucks can get in more easily and so that the roof can be delivered on Monday. There seems to be a lot more trench to fill in, so I'm hoping more dump trucks are coming next week.
To be fair, they also left us the Bobcat and the compactor. They didn't leave the keys, so we won't be able to hone our excavating skills.
When this new way is complete we'll have a drive from the road to each house, which we'll connect with some kind of stone path.

Location:Taadikvere küla, Estonia

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