Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still In Winter

It turns out that it's still pretty much Winter at the end of March this year. But there are signs of imminent Spring. The Navesti River is starting to show itself.

There's less snow than in January, and what there is has a hard crust from thawing and refreezing, so it's relatively easy to move around. While I was working in the house at Paia today, I took some time and went to look at the house at Ojakalda.

It's in pretty rough shape. The interior has many layers of wall paper and sheet goods full of damp and mold, all of them peeling off whatever surface lies beneath. There's a largish main room.

As well as a kitchen. The colors here remind me of Russian villages I've seen in pictures.

There's also a small entryway with more tools. Some of the things in the house are in better shape than was the case at Paia, but I think overall the house is worse. Feliks is coming out on Thursday and I'll see what he thinks.

I wonder if there haven't been other houses on this same spot. There's a stone foundation which looks like it's been levelled up with brick at some point. I ran across the publication, Atlas of Livonia from circa 1800, that seems to show houses right at this location.

The side of the house next to the kõrvalhoone is in very bad shape. This end of the house, which includes the entrance room may be an addition.

The kõrvalhoone itself is past all hope. It's a shame as there are some details like the shingles on the gable which I quite like.

Hopefully the house is salvageable. It would be handy to have the additional living space, and it would make the property more interesting.

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  1. I like the scythe, is it? in the foyer picture. Nice to be taken away to another area of the globe with words and pictures.

  2. As always, I'm fascinated with the developments on your property!