Saturday, January 15, 2011

The House in Winter

I've never been to Estonia in the Winter before. I've always been told that it's not as cold and there's not as much snow as you'd expect. Apparently this Winter, the Winter when I actually have to come up here for some business I can't put off (about which more later), is different. This Winter there's as much snow as you'd expect.

So much snow that Feliks e-mailed me about a week ago to let me know that he'd stopped by the house and there was over a meter of snow on the roof. Feliks really likes the roof. He and the boys worked really hard on the roof. Honestly, everyone likes the roof. Heidi (daughter of the previous owner, grew up in the house) compares it to to the icing on a fancy cake. I like the roof. It is really quite nice. So I understand why Feliks was worried.

Apparently the insurance companies were warning customers that they needed to remove the snow from their roofs on a regular basis if they expected claims to be paid. My insurance company emailed me the day after Feliks did. So Feliks found someone in Imavere who would come out and do the work. They got it done within the week. A lot of snow came off the roof.

The work was a little pricey, but it worked out fairly well. To get down to the house the contractor had to plow the drive, so I was able to get into the house to look at the work Feliks' boys had finished up in December. I had an idea of how it turned out from the somewhat blurry photos in the previous post, but all I can say after looking at in person is, wow.

I'm going to come back at the end of March to spend a few days here once the snow is (hopefully) gone. I'm looking forward to living in the house with all the rooms in a somewhat finished state.

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  1. Amazing. I still am boggled that you and the family settled in Estonia.

  2. If you come visit sometime you'd never think of settling anywhere else.