Saturday, January 1, 2011

Floors and Stairs

These photos are a little blurry, but they give a good idea of the state of things when work finished up in mid-December.  Feliks was planning to do a few more things this year, but the weather turned colder and then it started to snow and has never stopped.  I think the crew was having a little trouble actually getting to the house.  In any case, most things got done.  The floors got a couple extra coats of lacquer : 

And the framing around the doors was completed.  The Czeck woodstove kept the place warm enough to get the two coats of lacquer on the floors.  The third one will have to wait until April or so.

The attic stairs are finally installed.  They're a big improvement over the folding ladder we've used for the last couple years.

And there's even an actual hatch to the attic.  Once we insulate above the living room ceiling, the space should be pretty civilized.

As opposed to how it was back in 2006.

What were we thinking ?

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