Monday, November 29, 2010


Feliks sent some pictures on Friday of the just-installed wainscoting in the living room. To give the new photos some context, this is what the wall between the doors into the master bedroom and kitchen looks like.

Because we're combining several rooms and dealing with parts of the walls that are in bad shape, we're trying different things to tie the room together. So we carried the look of the plaster over the old brick wall framed by logs above into the area around these windows. There was a door here at one time, and the materials the contractor used to fill it in weren't very attractive.

We added the rustic wainscoting to cover bad logs on the lower walls all around the room. We carried a little of the plaster-surrounded-by-logs look to the window frame below.

We used the same wood from the wainscoting and the washroom walls to frame around the side door to the outside. This area had issues as well.

The shower room door got the same treatment.

The wainscoting runs all the way around to where it joins the outer wall of the WC.

The new wood always looks too yellow in photographs. I'm not sure how well it will go with the logs, though it does look better in person. The effect is better if the logs are painted with linseed oil, but the logs themselves really look best just as they are. We'll see how it ages and if worse comes to worst we'll try a little stain on the wainscoting.

I like the effect of using a variety of different surfaces in a room. I particularly enjoy the contrast of newer finished surfaces with obviously older and rougher ones. It's something I've seen in a number of renovated buildings and books on old houses like "Eesti Suvekodud". I like the sense that this is an old house, without any attempt to conceal that it's been patched and repaired over time.

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  1. great work on the wainscoring

  2. I haven't been blogging in a long time - like 4 months - so I haven't been keeping up with my favorite blogs.

    I have to say I remain amazed and impressed with the progress you're making on your home. It's quite lovely!

    Belated Christmas wishes, and I hope you, Di and the boys have an excellent 2011.


  3. Janis, a happy New Year to you and David as well. I see your updates on Facebook, which I should really do something with.

    I have a few pictures from the contractor I need to post. Maybe tomorrow.