Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Walls

This is mostly a test post. BlogPress, the iPad app I usually use to post, had a bug in the last upgrade that was causing posts to upload without images. I was forced to tweet for five days, though fortunately Twitter had a new iPad app to play with. Interesting medium.

Just as I'm leaving, there's a BlogPress update with a purported bug fix. If you're reading this it probably works.

There really are some new walls, though. This is by the front door, an area with many problems on the original logs that we opted to cover up. Anyone wading through my recent twittering can see how the original logs and new walls and ceilings are being put together.

I'm heading back to Sharjah first thing in the morning. Hopefully Feliks will send some postable pictures. Otherwise I'll probably come back in the Spring to put the house back together.

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Location:Peterburi tee,Tallinn,

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