Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wood II

We've continued to work on the wood cleanup project over the last week or so. I built the second rick to hold the green firewood and anything that didn't fit on the first one.

Then we finally got around to cutting down the broken branch in a tree down near the river, and cutting it up for still more green firewood.

By which point we really needed to have our first big fire of the year to get rid of the accumulated brush and rotten wood.

The area was looking much better.

Yesterday was a nice sunny day and we decided to make the effort to get the whole thing done. Di emptied out the last of the old woodpile and re-stacked the firewood on the ricks.

After much chain-sawing, nail pulling, stacking and tarping we had a nice neat row of future firewood, current firewood and lumber piles.

And an open grassy area in place of our big mess. We'll burn the rest of the rotten wood on Sunday if things are dry enough. Like a lot our cleanup work outside, it's a lot of work for something that doesn't look particularly spectacular when you're done.

Nonetheless these projects have made a big difference in terms of being able to maintain the property and being able to stage other projects.

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