Friday, August 27, 2010


I suspect most rural properties have them : that corner where all the messes that you can't deal with right now go. Ours has been filled with the firewood pile, all the lumber that came out of the buildings as they were being renovated, the dead branches we cut up to burn, and the ash pit (more of a low hill now) where all of the combustible demolition material has been burned for the last four years. The lumber has been covered with old feed bags and sheets of plastic we found in the kõrvalhoone (used for such purposes before we had fancy modern infrastructure like tarps), which also need to go. We never photograph the area, bit it's visible behind the three ash trees in the photo.

We want to move the woodpile to higher ground closer to the house, and to salvage any usable lumber before it rots away. It comes in handy for projects like boardwalks and things we don't need to last too many years. So as part of our general outside cleanup we decided to take on the lumber and wood piles.

I started by clearing the area in front of the sheep pen (it's actually an old barn foundation) of weeds and garbage. Then I built a rick for the new firewood pile with the previously mentioned salvaged lumber.

Which Diane has been diligently working to fill up with the chain saw.

While I've been pulling out the usable lumber, removing the worst of the nails and stacking it further up the drive.

We also pulled out anything from the old lumber piles that we can still cut up for firewood and stacked that on top of some old doors to slow down the speed of its decay. So we now have a much neater (really) row of more accessible and dryer piles, with one more firewood rick left to build.

We still have a good deal of old lumber, brush and firewood to cut up, move or burn in the next three weeks, presuming the weather allows.

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Location:Paia Talumaja, Taadikvere Küla

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