Monday, August 30, 2010


I've mentioned that our neighbor who's a commercial farmer plows part of the back yard and plants a little wheat or rye or hay in whatever part of it that the neighbors in the village don't use for potatoes or kitchen garden. He does it to basically keep the land in order. I doubt there's any real profit in it for him, but he likes to see the space utilized. We've seen his drivers plow and plant it but never harvest it, and I always wondered how they harvested grain in such a small space, whether they used the combine or if they had to resort to something smaller.

While we were working outside couple days ago we found out that yes, they do use the combine.

It's a little odd to see something this large drive into your back yard. The operator made a couple passes and then drove back up to the road to discharge the grain into a trailer pulled by one of the tractors. Paul enjoyed the whole operation.

The driver was quite precise. I looked afterwards and he didn't even knock over the stake separating the grain from the potatoes.

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Location:Paia Talumaja, Taadikvere Küla

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