Sunday, August 15, 2010


One amenity we lacked was any kind of walkway between the house and the sauna/garage.  Given how swampy the front yard was back in May, I though about a raised boardwalk to go straight from the front porch to the deck in front of the sauna.

I was inspired by the boardwalks you see here in the various wetland areas  like Soomaa :

I didn't want to spend a lot of money or effort on the project, so we decided to build it out of material salvaged from our many piles of scrap lumber.  I hunted through them for logs to support the deck.

And found enough boards that seemed sound enough to last a couple seasons for decking.  I layed the whole thing out to be sure I had enough material.

Di and Paul measured the logs for cutting to length with the chain saw.

And then we laid the whole thing out again to work out a probable layout for supports and decking boards.

All of the material had been outside for a year or more and was pretty dirty.  We washed it all down with Ajax, using an old broom to scrub out the worst of the grime before hosing it down.

Then we applied a substance called Tõrvõli.  I don't really know what it is, but the contractor used it on the logs in the kõrvalhoone.  Among other things it has a stain that made the wood roughly the same color.

Once the tõrvõli dried, I assembled the spine of the whole walkway with screws and our ancient cordless drill.

We put the whole thing up on rocks and conducted usability testing.

Before laying out the two outer rows of decking, which required additional testing

before we screwed it all down.  While we were building the boardwalk one of the trees in the front yard that had been damaged in a recent storm continued to fall over onto the boardwalk.

So we had to pause to cut it up and haul it out of the way before we could proceed with the work on the walkway.

It turned out a little more Myst than Soomaa, but it serves it's purpose.  It's much easier to walk back and forth, and I think it helps tie the two buildings together visually.

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