Monday, July 19, 2010

Back at Paia

After a seven hour layover in Munich and an interesting guest house experience, we've made it back to Paia. Feliks' crew was busy in our absence, and the work has turned out quite well. We have floors that aren't cover in brown paper.

We spent most of Saturday cleaning and moving furniture back where it belongs, and dozing off while we recovered from the flight. Getting the kitchen functioning was a high priority.

The future living room is starting to look like a room in the house rather than an attached work room. There's still an immense amount of finish work to plan and carry out.

We need to remove as much of the old whitewash and plaster as possible from the log walls and ceiling beams. We're hoping to keep at least some of these exposed with a natural finish. The rest will need to be whitewashed, painted or covered.

We're thinking we'll install a wainscott with a dado rail around most of the room, which will cover the bad logs in the lower part of the walls. It will also help tie the room in with the outer wall of the washrooms.

The dado rail would run at the height of the window sills, and the style would match the washroom wall. Then we'll frame around the windows and doors with a more finished trim.

I'd hoped to strip and patch up the brick firewall behind the ahi, but the condition is very poor. We may well end up plastering over it.

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Location:Paia Talumaja, Taadikvere Küla

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