Saturday, June 5, 2010


Before we left we had to clear the furniture from the three rooms that we are going to have Feliks refinish while we're gone. We'd already moved many things back to the garage, but there was still quite a bit of inside stuff in the living room. I hadn't seen it empty for about a year. It's a large and interesting space with a variety of wall surfaces, including the logs from the structural walls, as well as the brick that's part of an old firewall and a bit of the original plasterwork that we probably won't be able to save. It all needs a lot of work. The room also needs an easier way to get into the attic.

We covered up the small ahi to help protect it from damage. The brick firewall is in the background. The old plaster is visible on the left above the door.

The furniture from the living room went into the future master bedroom,

as did the things from the office where we've been sleeping. We took the bed apart at the last minute and moved it into the other room.

The kitchen got progressively more difficult to operate, and we had use the pliit for essential functions.

Paul got to sleep with the fridge and the microwave the night before we left.

We got everything done before it was time to leave. We set the alarms, locked up and drove away on Friday morning to catch our afternoon flight from Riga.

We stopped in northern Latvia to walk along the Baltic and snack. Paul always enjoys this.

I was mostly just cold.

We've been taking Turkish Air the last few trips. They've been offering some really good deals between Dubai and various places in Europe. Unfortunately they don't fly into Tallinn yet, though they'd announced plans to do so before the economy went bad. We end up driving four hours to and from Riga, which is a bit wearing. Tallinn Airport is less than ninety minutes from the house, so we're planning to fly there when we come back this Summer.

We're going to have several small projects in the house done while we're away : finishing the floors in the three rooms, patching one of the joists in the attic, a little plumbing work to make it easier to shut off the water during the Winter. In the Kõrvalhoone Feliks has found someone to clean up the joint work on the stone walls in the garaaž. They'll also add a latch to the sauna room door and put in an outside spigot for a hose. I had to look up the Estonian word for this, voolik, in order to convey what I wanted.

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