Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is obviously the week that mosquitoes hatch. The air is literally full of them, to the point that they drift into the house with the breeze. The house is designed to have good air circulation, so after a while there are swarms inside as well as outside. Our first thought was the technical fix : bug zappers. Unfortunately, a search of various building and home supply places in Paide failed to turn up any. Not to be stymied, Di used the equipment she had, her shop-vac.

This actually works pretty well. Fifteen minutes of vacuuming will reduce the denisty of sääsed in the house to the point where you can just swat them normally. We got a fairly good night's sleep out of this, though the house did fill up again overnight. We'll try Tartu this morning to see if there are any bug zappers in the country. In the meantime we'll continue to rely on Lavor.

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