Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kõrvalhoone VI - Topping Out

In spite of the silence for the last four months, work continued at Paia between late July and the present. We came back to Sharjah on 10 August. This posting was almost done at that point, but there were many things waiting at work when I got back, including a conference in Cairo to plan and organize. It's safely in the past now and I hope to have some time to think about something besides work for a while.

Work on the Kõrvalhoone concluded for the year at the end of October. But at the end of July there was still a lot to do. The first rafters of the rebuilt roof went up on 27 July.

The poisid had the style down by this point. Many of the details are quite well done. I particularly like the soffits.

Most of the original rafters were salvageable. The boys made two new ones to make a complete set.

On 28 July the last rafters were raised, and the poised arranged a traditional Estonian "Topping Out" ceremony. Like versions in other countries, it starts with a drink (we used Lossivein 19, a berry wine from Põltsamaa) in front of the wreath at the peak of the roof.

After the party, the wreath is taken down and thrown over the top of the roof. I did the honors. As far as I can tell from the literature, this part is unique to Estonia or not well documented.

Afterwards, the wreath is burned. This assures good luck.

The roof work continued. The plastic went up.

And then the steel roof arrived. We decided on an old-fashioned "Classic" style roof with a galvanized finish.

We left on 10 August with most of one side on. The rest got done during August. Feliks sent these pictures.

The garage doors were under construction as well.

The greywater tank for the sauna shower went into the ground before we left as well.

And inside the boys started work on the chimney for the sauna. It was still below the ceiling when we left in August.

We were sorry to have to leave the work at this point. Estonia's weather turns nearly perfect in early August, and I hated to miss it. The weather here in Sharjah doesn't really get pleasant until mid-October. Next year will work better, with the Fall semester not starting until late September, after Ramadan and Eid. We can go up in mid-July and be there for the best weather.

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