Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kõrvalhoone IV

Work on the Kõrvalhoone has gone on while I've been sitting here in Sharjah. Just before I left, Vahur came for the day and finished various bits of demolition. Most noticeably he ripped off the siding on the gables and the south side.

Then the Monday after I left the whole crew came and cut the old roof off, apparently with a chainsaw.

At the same time the boys brought down the trunk and the old work table that had been stored upstairs. The table needed a lot of effort to take it apart so that it could be cleaned and taken inside.

We're not completely sure what the table was for. Probably something to do with wool.

The roof demolition made quite a mess.

One the roof was off, it was apparent that there was a lot of rot in the ceiling joists and the logs around the top of the walls, so the rafters had to come down so they could deal with it.

They're neatly stacked up in the yard now, waiting to be reinstalled.

It took several days to clean up the old roof and burn the old shingles and the cross-pieces they were nailed to, not to mention the rotten ceiling boards and all the hay that had still been up in the loft.

But once this was done, the boys started building forms and pouring footings for the foundation,

so that they could jack up the wooden part of the building to level it. This made a big difference if you look at pictures before :

and after :

It appears to me that this process has shifted the building away from the stone walls. I'll be interested to see if they move it back toward the walls or install some kind of joint between the two parts of the structure.

Feliks is starting to bring in more material for replacing the bad stuff they've ripped out. A load of ceiling boards arrived,

and they installed some of them in the future sauna room.

We're also starting to see new logs and some more block for the foundation.

In addition to the red brick that had already arrived.

I think this is the brick they'll use to square the stone wall against the garage door. Vahur had poured the footings for these a while back.

It's hard to get a good sense of where things are at from here in Sharjah, but the pictures that Di has been sending really help. I don't think they'll be done on August 10 when we leave for the summer, but I have hopes of being able to use the sauna in September when I come back during Eid al-Fitr.

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