Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Unexploded Munitions and Furniture

Yesterday the poisid were digging out the foundations of the stone walls in the kõrvalhoone and found an unexploded German grenade from WWII.

This is pretty common. There's even a procedure for it. You call 112 and tell them where you are and they come and take it away.

The officers were very pleasant and obviously do this a lot. They told me they're busy every year from Spring until the ground freezes and the snow covers things up again. Apparently the cleanup after the war was hampered by the fact that most people were understandably reluctant to call the police.

I spent the day processing more furniture, which mostly consists of cleaning it and doing any minor reassembly that's required to use it. I did a couple tables and some accessory pieces like the kitchen towel rack.

Di spent her time organizing in the house and wading in the river with Paul.

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