Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kõrvalhoone III

The Kõrvalhoone has been progressing a little slowly amidst the work on the new way. The driveway has had to take precedence so that building and demolition material can be moved in and out. But water and electrical are now connected, and the poisid can get both without coming into the house.

The sand for the garage slab

and the washroom foundation has been spread and tamped,

and a lot of miscellaneous cleanup and preparation has been completed as well.

The garbage from inside the structure seems to have all been cleared out,

though we'll probably have to get the stuff around the outside ourselves.

I don't think the poisid see garbage the way we do. I aim to reduce the gross quantity on the property as much as possible, with an eye on it's long-term value and never having to deal with it again. They seem to instinctively avoid the expense and effort of transporting it elsewhere for appropriate disposal.

We're going with a very rustic look in the sauna itself. Red brick for the stoves and chimney, benches made from rough slabs and branches, maybe old barn-type doors from the old wood room in the house. Nothing too modern or finished looking.

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