Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kõrvalhoone II

The work on the Kõrvalhoone has picked up in a big way. On Monday the excavator showed up to dig the trench for the water and electric.

The electricians came to finish up some odds and ends of work in the house, and gauge how big a line to run to the Kõrvalhoone.

Yesterday the poisid used the excavator to dig out the rest of the rocks from the collapsed wall, and removed most of the remaining manure from the middle room which was used as a stable. To get to this they went ahead and cut out the wall between the middle room and the north room.

We're going to turn this newly enlarged room into a garage. The logs they cut out will go to help patch the back wall of the stable room, which has some bad rot.

We'll put the garage door in the end where the wall had collapsed. This will save rebuilding the whole thing with stone. Having a garage in the still-standing Kõrvalhoone will make it possible to defer any rebuilding of the ruined shed on the other side of the house, which currently consists only of a picturesque ruined stone foundation.

At the same time, we'll re-route the driveway across from the parking area directly to the new garage. The ground there is much higher than the current drive to the side of the house. We'll turn the lowest parts of this drive into yard and the location of the new woodpile. The present woodpile is really too far from the house.

And of course the day would not be complete without more WWII remains, in this case a very large artillery shell casing. Not a live one this time, fortunately.

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