Friday, May 29, 2009

Progess Week 2

There's been a lot of progress with Di and Andy here. Paul and I had a good drive down to Riga to pick them up. We stopped to eat in Pärnu and look at the Baltic Sea in Latvia.

The naine complained bitterly of the cold at night, so I asked Feliks to insulate the area above the bedrooms and kitchen. This was a significant concession. We've operated on the premise that if someone might show up in winter and live in your empty house, why make them comfortable ? The bedrooms and kitchen are in the original living quarters so it's easy to close off from the new living room and bath area, which is in a part of the house formerly used as work rooms and cold storage in winter. Feliks was getting ready to shopvac the attic so this worked out well.

Most of the old insulation consisted of chaff, the stuff that's left over when you thresh grain. It was everywhere in both buildings. The crew had shoveled and swept most of it out last summer when the roof was off, but there was still quite a bit between the joists on top of the ceilings that kept sifting down into the living areas. It really had to go if we were ever going to effectively clean downstairs.

Jaan and Kristoff showed up with the shopvac on Tuesday and started cleaning.

And after two days our attic was chaff-free,

and ready for less problematic insulation.

Shopvac'ing upstairs led to lots of dust and chaff downstairs, so for two days we kept everything covered or put away in cabinets, wardrobes, suitcases and the back of the van. Kind of a nuisance but the bedrooms are much warmer at night now.

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