Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kõrvalhoone I

Feliks' boys started work on the Kõrvalhoone (Annex/Outbuilding) last week.

They helped us move the last of the furniture from the downstairs, cleaned out the three rooms, had a stab at burning the rest of the hay (I think it's still smoldering), and tore down the wooden wall built to cover the collapsed north stone wall.

Jaan has a good eye for artifacts He found some interesting things under the hay,

like old inkwells,

and part of a WWII German rifle and some ammunition.

The poisid have found quite a bit of ammunition while renovating the house, some of it when it went off in the firepit we use to dispose of burnable demolition material. Our neighbor Hendrik (who was born in the house during the war) says there was fighting all around here between the Germans and the Soviets. There are supposed to be some bunkers in the woods nearby. I suspect the fighting is what the local Soviet war memorial commemorates.

This week they'll bring a full crew and get the rest of the furniture and miscellaneous stuff down from the upstairs, dig out the rest of the manure in the stable room, and rip the roof and the ceiling out. Then we'll really see the building for the first time.

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