Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Garden

We've grown optimistic about the yard in Sharjah. We moved in to our unit literally as it was being furnished. The backyard was basically a hole.

Landscaping and maintenance on campus are done by the Municipality's Public Works, and they naturally like to consolidate jobs and do the work all at once.

In December we got a layer of clean sand. Then in late February PW started putting in the irrigation system.

A couple weeks later they came back and mixed in some compost with the sand.

They use a lot of compost for the greenspace around the housingblock.

Then the grass finally showed up in March. The green guys (see below), rake the crab grass shoots out of the lawns on campus and leave everyone a pile:

Then they come back and put "hairplugs" of crabgrass in a grid across the lawn.

And water thoroughly:

As of May, results suggest that they seem to be pretty good at growing crabgrass.

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